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You are not your Khakis. You are not Jack's raging bile duct.

A really important aspect of your business that often goes unthought of is Who Are You?

I gravitate towards people that look at their business as a way to help and serve others with their skills in things they enjoy practicing. Profit is a goal of being in business. We all need to pay bills and enjoy some of life's extra's beyond our basic needs. One thing I think that has been really helpful in my journey as an Entrepreneur is that I see profits as a natural side effect of being a healthy human being focused on the value of helping and serving others. Yes, this is a bit more of an esoteric kind of thought process but it is something I think about. We are who we are. We aren't a tagline. We aren't a product. We are not the specified thing that we work toward each day in our business. We are not a capital-producing money-making Cog in a wheel. We are beautiful humans experiencing everything we move through day to day, choosing to learn and grow and become the best version of ourselves that we can every day. It's easy to get lost in the "things" that we have to do each day. It's easy to become frustrated with them, or even completely blocked by them. This blog challenges you to look at those "things" as challenges for you to evolve into that best version of yourself that you know is there. For the next week ahead - look at employees and clients as co-creators. Look at customers as partners. Look at the vendors you work with as fellow miracle makers. Create space to process the ideas and reactions that this outlook will move into existence. Feel free to email me with how these exercises work out for you!

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