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Our Services

Ready to get started? We offer a variety of monthly service packages to fit your needs.  These are general guidelines, and there may be some overlap with your specific needs. These packages will give you an idea of where you may fall in the spectrum of our service offerings, and can help us begin tailoring services that fit your business.  

$200.00 Basic Monthly Bookkeeping

This plan is for clients that need very simple transaction entry from bank and credit card accounts.  This plan also provides an hour online consultation for evaluating questions and the prior month's books.

$600.00 Boost Plan

This plan covers bookkeeping where we are more hands-on for you than simple data entry.  Setting up payments to vendors, running payroll and ensuring filings/payment of payroll taxes, sales tax filing.

Maximum Inertia Plan

Pricing for this plan varies, depending on volume and the needs of the client. It typically starts at $1,000.00 per month, but can go as high as $2,000.00 or more. This plan requires us to have more than one meeting per month, working closely with your staff and vendors, assisting with financial and business processes and workflows, cash flow analysis, forecasting, and other high level assistance.

$400.00 Spark Plan

This plan is a step up from our basic plan and covers payroll transaction entries,  and transaction activity that require slightly higher skills and knowledge than our basic plan would cover. 

$800.00 Catalyst Plan

This plan covers additional volume (mulitple credit cards / bank accounts, larger numbers of employee payroll or benefits with payroll) and provides more strategic review of your books in a meeting with Senior Staff.

Get More Info

Check out or Pre-Onboarding Form for more information.  Giving us some information will help us prepare for an exploration call with you to see how we can help!  

What Our Clients Say


Mamba hamissi from Baobab Fare

When asked what to say about Momentum Bookkeeping, Mamba replied "The problem is I don't have a quote, I have a whole story!  Amanda will not tell you what you wnat to hear, but what you need to be successful!"
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