About Us

Trust, Teamwork, and Curiosity

Momentum Bookkeeping began specifically to help a friend with their accounting, and see what became of it. Since inception, Momentum Bookkeeping has grown by leaps and bounds as the clients we work with grow right along with us!

Our services are designed for passionate entrepreneurs who are in love with what they do and know that in order to focus on what they love, they need someone to partner with them on the things they don’t love. Momentum Bookkeeping, LLC is that partner. Our core purpose is to provide a solid foundation of bookkeeping that evolves as our clients evolve. With 20+ years of experience in almost every field of accounting that exists, Momentum Bookkeeping can help you with just about any bookkeeping task you may have.

Keep Your Momentum Going

  • Our Niche: Soloprenuers and small partnerships just getting started in business that do not have access to VC or other investment startup.

  • Our Uniques: We get in the weeds with you (teamwork), we adapt to your uniques (curiosity), and we develop your business process (trust).

  • Our Proven Process: Onboard - assist - push. We get you in, get you started, and then push you forward.

  • Our Guarantee: You will develop an understanding of your business's economics in your first year or we will help you find our replacement. You will grow with us until you feel ready to create your own internal structures.

Momentum Bookkeeping, LLC reflects the same talents as the businesses who contract with us, but apply them to bookkeeping and accounting applications.

Unlock financial clarity and empower your business with Momentum Bookkeeping. To learn more about us, contact our professionals today!

Highly Recommend!

"The problem is I don't have a quote, I have a whole story! Amanda will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to be successful!" - Mamba Hamissi, Baobab Fare

Extremely Helpful!

"Momentum Bookkeeping is always quick to respond, very personable, and always extremely helpful." - Isabelle Elwart, Le Detroit Macaron

Quick to Respond!

"Amanda and her team are always quick to respond and I feel that they have my best interest in mind. Frankly, I feel like they are a real part of my team, too." - Mark Aiello, Aiello Law Group PLLC